1920s Timewarp!

My house was built in 1924 and had one owner until the mid-1990s, so we are only the third owners which is nice.
Though my husband and I have renovated a lot, I was pretty keen on keeping the nuts and bolts 1920s. The upstairs bathroom is one example of this. It was completely refinished by my husband and I using 1920s parts whenever we could.

I tend to like more things than my brain likes to see sitting around so the house is always being edited and revised.

I love mixing mid-century, 1970s, 1920s and other eclectic elements into the house with the predominate theme being quite natural and nature inspired. Nearly everything we have salvaged, thrifted or is otherwise antique. I grew up with an antique collecting mother and just feel more comfortable around pre-loved elements. In fact, I cannot think of anything in the house that is 'new' aside from appliances.

You can read more about my home and vintage shop at www.deargolden.com.

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