Coast to coast

Returning to a new Sydney home after a spell in Los Angeles, this family has combined American traditionalism with the laidback life Down Under.

Bringing trinkets home from abroad is always a wonderful way to add memories and interest to your home, but Pauline and her family brought something a little less tangible. Buying a home in Sydney and orchestrating the renovations from Los Angeles via late night calls, emails and visits here and there, they’ve imbued their beautiful centenarian house in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with a traditional hominess that is very much born of their time in America.

“I love things with personality and character, so when we saw this house we knew she was right for us,” Pauline remembers. “She had beautiful bones and great northerly light.” With site manager Rae Kaplan capably handling all the day-to-day issues arising from such changes as adding panelling detail to the walls, laying new dark timber fl oors and adding a big new breakfast room to the existing kitchen, Pauline admits they couldn’t have done without her, even though Pauline herself was back and forth across the Pacifi c to help as much as she could. “We also had a brilliant builder,” she adds, “T.M. Builders, who made the whole project a breeze! Th e project ran so smoothly, we
were absolutely blessed with all the people involved.”
The kitchen and breakfast room is now her favourite part of the house, except for her cosy study; in fact, the house has two studies, with Pauline maintaining that “a girl needs her own!” Throughout the home are quirky, historical items collected over the years, such as a silver-covered journal from the early 1800s that was found in Santa Barbara, or the old architectural drawings now framed and hanging in the lounge. “I have always had a love affair with all things aged or vintage,” Pauline admits. Despite the many artworks adorning the walls having resulted from many years’ collecting, the family still finds they fit well with the decor, since their home is so classically styled.
“Although the house is quite traditional in that we have formal chandeliers, we have soft squishy inviting furniture – it’s all about a mix for us,” Pauline comments. “Our furniture is about comfort, but I love old chandeliers, simply because I think they are beautiful. The one in the breakfast room was a find from LA.”

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Story Jacqueline Taylor
Photography Tony Potter
Styling Kirstin Randl-Katalinic

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