Keep those soft, relaxing shades of spring in your home all year round. Colour consultant Samantha Bacon shows us how.

A period of renewal, spring is the favourite time of year for many people. The days grow beautifully warm – but without the intensity of a hot summer – and the evenings are still pleasantly cool. A palette based on cool whites and soft greys suits this imagery perfectly. A pretty grey that has a cool base – one on the cusp of green with a hint of blue – is a beautiful natural tone to complement white. Accents of brown soften the look and bring warmth to the scheme. One of the best things about this palette is that the hues are all muted, which makes them very easy to work with. Avoid introducing accents of strong, bright colour as this will interrupt the harmony you’ve created. This soothing palette is reminiscent of those used to great effect in Scandinavia as the colours reflect natural daylight and the overall look is calm and serene.

Combining varying patterns such as stripes, plains and florals to create interest adds complexity. Floors should be kept light and whitewashed or white-painted floorboards work particularly well. To achieve optimal results, try this scheme in a living area that receives a lot of daylight, preferably one with a north-facing aspect. However, even an east-facing room benefits from these light, calming colours, and they’re also perfect for a bedroom. The Malmsbury collection of textiles from Warwick Fabrics suits this look very well. The designs are elegant and the colour palette is muted. These fabrics look great with white-painted furniture, but a soft, pale grey works just as effectively. Texture is also important in a simple colour scheme and Murowash paints from Murobond offer a finely grained, absolutely matt, streak-free finish. Calm, Atlantic, Ballina Blue, Garden Bench and Oberon from Murobond are great examples of muted blue, green-grey hues that work well with this fabric range.

Cool Palette

About Samantha Bacon

A regular CHI contributor, Samantha Bacon from Samantha Bacon Colours and Interiors designs unique colour schemes for both interiors and exteriors of a range of different types of properties. Giving tips on every aspect of a renovation or new building, Samantha advises on everything from the brick colour to the fabrics you should be using.