Gardening for Beginners – A quick guide May 20, 2014, 3:37 pm

Eight simple gardening tips for budding green thumbs from GARDENA:

1. Plan for perfection- Whether you dream of a playground for the kids, a kitchen garden or a sea of flowers, the planning phase is important. Before setting to work, consider what features you would like in your garden– seating areas, playing areas and flowerbeds. It’s hard to combine all your wishes and desires, so limit yourself and remember less is more.

2. Do your research- If you are new to gardening, invest time in finding out which plants are suitable for your garden. There are many contributing factors to this including soil type, light exposure, space and the level of care required. Always consider that many plants are perennial and will flower year after year.

3. Be climate conscious- Ask your local garden centre or plant nursery for advice on suitable plants for the local climate. As professionals, they generally know all about vegetation, climate and soil. Avoid buying plants without checking first as this can be an expensive and wasteful venture.

4. When planting a flowerbed remember: Height, time and colour.
Height- Make sure tall plants don’t obscure lower ones.
Time- Pick species with flowering periods that overlap and will extend the season of bloom in your garden.
Colour- Combine colours that work together and complement each other.

5. Choose quality tools and materials- Plants don’t flourish in bad, oligotrophic soils and tools should last more than a single season. Buy fewer, but premium quality tools and supplies, and they’ll last much longer.

6. Balance your resources- Creating a beautiful garden takes time, know-how and money. For many gardeners much of the charm is doing everything singlehandedly. For those of you who just can’t find the time, professional gardeners can help reduce the workload.

7. Share with friends and neighbours-Try borrowing from your neighbours or get together and share the costs when making big investments. This will allow you to buy products of high quality. Pooling your resources and exchanging tips and strategies will help to make the most of your garden. Just don’t forget to invite them to your garden party as a thank you!

8. Useful tools for the beginners shed:
• A shovel for digging
• A rake
• A lawnmower
• Secateurs
• Loppers
• Watering hose and sprinklers

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Gardening for Beginners – A quick guide