Who doesn’t love a mirror? Interior designers, including Clare Palisi, always say they open up small spaces – but really, don’t we just like looking at ourselves? As well as the practical aspect of being able to check to see if your hair is styled to perfection, mirrors do make rooms look larger as well as adding another textural dimension. Here are a few ways to use them to add some interesting effects to your home.

Try clustering a large group of mirrors of the same shape, size and style together. If you prefer a really clean look, keep the pattern simple and stick to maybe three or four in a row. Ground your display against a wall painted in a truly striking colour or covered with beautiful wallpaper.

The spaces between the mirrors count as much as the mirrors themselves so make sure they’re all balanced and well positioned. If you’re not confident, get a second opinion.

For an eclectic and unusual look, organise some mirrors in various shapes, sizes, colours and textures. It’s best to have a clean white wall to maximise the detail of the frames.

Try something fun and dramatic by using mirrors all in the same style. If you like a glamorous look, hang a series of exotic ones on one wall – vintage mirrors are also excellent for this sort of theme. If you’re lucky enough to find several, put as many as you can fit in a space for a truly amazing effect.

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