Parents urged to show diligence with blind safety May 14, 2014, 3:41 pm

Parents are encouraged to safeguard their children in the home, as part of a national campaign by LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions, to raise awareness of the potential dangers associated with blind cords.

Luxaflex Galleries will offer free consultations to parents within the Gallery, to demonstrate how to secure blind cords and show the latest options available for the vast range of child safe solutions and precautions when it comes to their window fashions, ultimately preventing potential accidents.

All genuine Luxaflex products are supplied compliant with the latest ACCC Child Safety Regulations, to ensure the potential hazard of forming a looped cord is removed. However, according to Luxaflex Window Fashions’ National Marketing Manager, Jenny Brown, it’s equally important for parents to understand they need to be diligent in using common child safety devices such as cleats, and ensure they check cords are out of reach of young children by never placing a cot near a blind cord.

“Genuine products are supplied with compliant child safety devices and swing tags to remind parents of the dangers to children. Installing these devices correctly, is just as crucial as buying the right product. Parents should show due diligence by installing their new blinds professionally, and checking all current blinds around the home,” she commented.

The most sophisticated way to ensure blinds are safe for children is to opt for motorised operated blinds, and other innovative cordless blinds such as the Luxaflex DUETTE® Shades with the LiteRise Lifting System. However the following simple, precautionary steps can be adopted by all parents to ensure the safety of their blinds and awnings.

LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions’ checklist for blind safety:
1) Buy genuine: Check your blinds are genuine Luxaflex Window Fashions. All blinds sold in Australia must be compliant with the ACCC regulation. They will be supplied with compliant child safety devices and come installed with warning label Swing Tags to remind you of dangers to children.

2) Correct installation of the blind and the safety devices in the home is equally as important: Check your blinds and curtain cords have been installed correctly with Child Safety Cords and Cleats, and keep the warning swing tag labels on at all times.

3) Secure loose cords: Despite the length of the cords, make sure to fix them out of reach, and securely to a wall, using a simple cleat pack which can be picked up from your local Luxaflex Gallery dealer.

4) Keep furniture away: Move anything a young child can sit in, stand on, or climb on, like a cot, crib, highchair or sofa away from the window. Regardless of whether the blind complies with ACCC, once furniture is placed within arm’s reach, the safety of your child may be compromised. Don’t take any risks.

5) Seek advice: If in any doubt, parents can visit their local Luxaflex dealer for a free consultation to get advice on how they can child-proof current blinds or choose from new, innovative cordless blinds.

With trends in cordless window fashion design gaining momentum, Luxaflex Window Fashions has an extensive selection of safe operating systems including LiteRise(cordless), EasyRise(continous cord loop) or PowerRise Platinum Technology for DUETTE® Shades for touch-of-a-button operation from a hand-held remote or wireless wall switch.

LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® LiteRise Lifting System is a completely cordless system for operating energy efficient DUETTE® Shades, for the ultimate in child safety. With the LiteRise Lifting System, your DUETTE® Shade is simply raised or lowered with your hand on the bottomrail of the blind.

ULTRAGLIDE® Shades incorporate an innovative lifting system that allows you to operate your shade using a single retractable cord mechanism maintaining a consistent cord length regardless of the position of the blind, for enhanced child and pet safety.

Further, motorised blinds, shades and awnings can be incorporated in “Smart Home” and Building Management Systems to minimise energy usage for heating and cooling.

For more information, download the Luxaflex Child Safety Brochure or watch the child safety video at

Parents urged to show diligence with blind safety