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63 per cent of women say they are just as good as men at barbecuing, yet only 12 per cent admit to using the barbecue compared to their partner who use it all the time, according to a survey of more than 1,000 people conducted by BeefEater Barbecues and popular website, Mouths of Mums.

Mr Peter Woodland, managing director of BeefEater Barbecues says the survey showed that women are often discouraged by their male counterparts when it comes to taking charge of the barbecue (51 per cent) with most men preferring to take control and do the cooking themselves (74 per cent). Despite these findings, 77 per cent of women admitted that they are left to look after the rest of the meal, such as salads, sides, dips and snacks.

“Our survey showed that 68 per cent of Aussie women do the bulk of the cooking in the kitchen which is perhaps why many female respondents (45 per cent) said they were quite happy to let their partner to take over the grill," said Mr Woodland.

Mr Woodland said that in spite of the majority of men taking control of the barbecuing, the barbecue purchase was actually in the majority of cases a joint decision but that male and female barbecue purchasers often look for different things when making their decision.

"Men tend to look at the material the barbecue is made from, how easy it is to start and also the size of the grill - the bigger often the better. Women tend to look at the overall aesthetic and consider how it will look in the back yard as well as the colour," he said.

With this in mind, here are Mr Woodland’s top tips for women looking to get their hands on the thongs this summer to prove to their partners they’ve got the grill skills:

1. Preheat the grill – Like baking a good cake, the key to a successful barbecue meal is a preheated barbecue to ensure even cooking. Traditionally this takes between 10 to 15 minutes. The ideal temperature is dependent upon what you’re grilling. Usually, however, you want to achieve a sear on your meat or poultry. High heat will not only produce those picturesque grill marks, but also helps to seal in much of the meats moisture.

2. Clean & Oil – Cleaning and oiling your grill will not only prevent meat from sticking, but also stops left-over charred meat and marinade from sticking to your perfectly grilled steak. And remember, before placing your meat on the grill, give it a quick brush with some heat-resistant oil, such as canola or grape seed.

3. Forks Out, Thongs In – Using thongs prevents you from piercing the meat, releasing important juices, which keep your meat tender.

4. Back away from the grill – Avoid the tendency to continuously open the grill to peek at the steak. This peeking turns into flipping, and it’s really not necessary to flip a steak five times. Once really is enough.

5. Let it rest – While the smell of freshly barbecued meat might tempt your taste buds, allowing your meat to rest will result in a much juicier meal. If you cut your meat too soon, all those delicious juices will run straight onto the cutting board and not be retained in the meat.

Here are the latest products from BeefEater Barbecues to get you started on perfecting your grill skills:

For the hostess with the mostest – BeefEater Signature Premium 5 Burner, $4499
Featuring a fully welded stainless steel frame, quartz start ignition technology, five burners, handy side shelves, condiment racks, roasting hood with roasting window and inbuilt rotisserie, this barbecue is not for the faint hearted. Perfect for cooking a small spread or a feast fit for a queen, this barbecue is sure to impress. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

For the Grilling Pro – BeefEater Discovery 1000R 4 Burner, $999
Made from durable porcelain enamel in a stylish jet black, this gorgeous barbecue features condiment racks and generously sized storage cabinets to keep everything to hand. Whether you’re feeding a family of 10 or two, this barbecue will help you deliver superior cooking results every time.

For the Woman On-The-Go – BeefEater Bugg with stand, $599
Whether enjoying an intimate dinner with a loved-one or enjoying a barbecue with your closest family or friends, the BeefEater Bugg is ideal is a beautiful compact barbecue available in a choice of two colours, ideal for cooking meat and seafood. It features two handy side shelves and a roasting hood.

BeefEater Three Piece Tool Set, $59
The perfect toolkit for beginners through to the pro, the BeefEater Three Piece Tool Kit will keep you grilling for many years to come.

BeefEater Bugg Digital Thermometer, $49.95
Don’t run the risk of overcooking your meat. With the handy BeefEater Bugg Digital Thermometer, simply monitor the temperature of your meat for optimum cooking results.

BeefEater Barbecues was established in 1984 and is renowned for its high quality, high performance range of freestanding and built-in barbecues. Today BeefEater is a world-leader in barbecue design and manufacture and exports its much-loved barbecues to more than forty countries around the globe.

"At BeefEater we will continue to listen to our customers and develop and improve upon our barbecue offering to ensure we continue to offer the best," said Mr Woodland.

BeefEater's stainless steel range is backed by a lifetime guarantee.
Visit: www.beefeaterbbq.com

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