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I am trying to find the article of a house in vol 12 no 1 titled a spoon full of sugar
Jackie Pearson
Murray Bridge
Hi there. The article you are looking for is not on the CHI website, only in the magazine. We can't put everything from the magazine on the website, otherwise no one would buy CHI! Thanks for...
Hi, I bought the latest Country Home Ideas Vol 12 No 2, on page 58 there is a kitchen showcased with beautiful pendant lights, could you please tell me where to purchase them? Kind regards Louise
Louise Moloney
a spoon full of sugar
Jackie Pearson
Murray Bridge
Please could you tell me how to search for past articles on your sight? I am trying to get to your feature on the Le Petit maison. Many thanks Vic-Queensland
Vic McIntyre
Hi Vic Just click on the Features button at the top of the screen and then scroll down. At the bottom of the page is a Search box. The article you want is here... http://www.countryhomeideas.com.au...
Hi, I have recently subscribed to your magazine after flicking through one in a waiting room. I wanted to purchase the one i was reading which was Volume 10 #2. The link on your webpage says error. Can you tell me how I can order this. Thanks
Anna B
I have a young Nectarine plant whose new leaves are thickened, highly distorted and vary from light green to pale pink in colour. I’m worried there’s something seriously wrong with them.
This problem is attributed to Peach Leaf Curl, a common fungal disease of stone fruit. The best way to reduce its impact is to manually remove the worst-affected leaves and even prune off some stems...
My Plum tree’s leaves have holes in them; some are so big all that’s left are the veins. There are small and slimy black slugs on the leaves.
Moss Vale
The problem here is the Pear and Cherry Slug which, despite its slug-like appearance, is actually a larva. Most common in spring, after rain, it chews holes in the leaves of Plum, Pear, Apple and...
I’ve got a lemon tree that has large black bugs on it that stink and also some green ones that look a bit similar. What are they and what should I do about them?
These are stink bugs or Bronze Orange Bugs. They like to suck the sap from sappy new growth, making the plant look wilted and distorted, and they’ll also suck sap from fruit stems, reducing the size...
My tomato plants seem to develop fruit okay initially, but then every tomato gets a large black spot on its bottom and won’t go on to develop properly.
The most common cause of this problem – which occurs more in tomato plants grown in pots – is Blossom End Rot, a calcium deficiency that’s sometimes brought on by infrequent watering. To overcome...